, Volume 210, Issue 2, pp 331-337

The organization of the fuc regulon specifying l-fucose dissimilation in Escherichia coli K12 as determined by gene cloning

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In Escherichia coli the six known genes specifying the utilization of l-fucose as carbon and energy source cluster at 60.2 min and constitute a regulon. These genes include fucP (encoding l-fucose permease), fucI (encoding l-fucose isomerase), fucK (encoding l-fuculose kinase), fucA (encoding l-fuculose 1-phosphate aldolase), fucO (encoding l-1,2-propanediol oxidoreductase), and fucR (encoding the regulatory protein). In this study the fuc genes were cloned and their positions on the chromosome were established by restriction endonuclease and complementation analyses. Clockwise, the gene order is: fucO-fucA-fucP-fucI-fucK-fucR. The operons comprising the structural genes and the direction of transcription were determined by complementation analysis and Southern blot hybridization. The fuc-PIK and fucA operons are transcribed clockwise. The fucO operon is transcribed counterclockwise. The fucR gene product activates the three structural operons in trans.

Communicated by J.W. Lengeler