, Volume 58, Issue 1, pp 33-37

In vitro fixation of C3d and C5b-9 on platelets by human platelet reactive antibodies

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Most platelet-reactive autoantibodies and alloantibodies are not able to fix complement in vitro. However, exceptions have been found. These antibodies are usually characterized by the conventional platelet complement fixation test. A recently developed competitive enzyme immunoassay for quantitation of platelet-associated immunoglobulins and a modification thereof allowed the quantitative study of fixation of C3d and the membrane attack complex (C5b-9) on platelets by HLA antibodies, human platelet autoantibodies, and drug-dependent antibodies (ddab). The highest amounts of both complement products were fixed through ddabs, whereas autoantibodies only showed moderate complement fixation. This enzyme immunoassay is a valuable tool for the characterization of the complement-fixing properties of platelet-reactive antibodies.