, Volume 26, Issue 1, pp 35-40

Microchromosomes in holocephalian, chondrostean and holostean fishes

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Chondrostean and holostean fish of today are leftover relics: they share some characteristics with the venturesome crossopterygian fish, which launched the evolution of terrestrial vertebrates about 280 million years ago. The chromosome complements and DNA values of one chondrostean and two holostean species as well as one holocephalian species were studied. Their DNA values varied from 37% to 50% of that of mammals, and three of the species contained dot-like microchromosomes in their diploid complements. Their genome size and karyological characteristics are quite similar to those possessed by one group of reptiles and by avian species.

In Duarte, this work was supported by a grant CA-05138 from the National Cancer Institute, U.S. Public Health Service, and in part by a grant FR 00433-01, Animal Care Grant, N.I.H. In Northwood, this project was supported by the British Empire Cancer Campaign.
Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Learning of the City of Hope Medical Center.