, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp 419-421

Dosage prescribing and plasma oxipurinol levels in patients receiving allopurinol therapy

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This study examined dosage prescribing patterns and steady-state oxipurinol plasma concentrations in 66 patients receiving chronic allopurinol therapy. Most patients (65%) were taking 300 mg allopurinol daily, although renal impairment was common.

Using published guidelines, it was estimated that 35% of patients were receiving excessive dosages of allopurinol. Consequently, the plasma oxipurinol concentrations were often very high (mean (SD) was 156 (109) μmol·1−1). Accumulation of oxipurinol was inversely related to renal function. Plasma concentrations of oxipurinol and urate were not significantly related. However, most patients with oxipurinol concentrations of up to 100 μmol·1−1 had urate concentrations within the normal reference range.