, Volume 236, Issue 1, pp 29-33

Peripheral neuropathies during treatment with almitrine: report of 46 cases

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Almitrine bismesylate is thought to cause sensory peripheral neuropathy. Forty-six patients are reported who received almitrine bismesylate alone for chronic respiratory failure or in combination with raubasine for various cerebrovascular diseases. Polyneuropathy appeared between 9 and 25 months after the onset of treatment. Sensory signs and symptoms were confined to the distal parts of the lower limbs and involved large and small fibres. Histological and electrophysiological findings indicated axonal degeneration. Respiratory failure could have caused the polyneuropathy in some cases but many had no chest disease. Patients began to improve between 3 and 6 months after withdrawal of the drug. Recovery was usually complete after 12 months.