, Volume 75, Issue 2, pp 286-290

Location of β-amylase sequences in wheat and its relatives

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A β-amylase cDNA clone isolated from barley has been used to locate β-amylase encoding sequences on wheat, rye, and Aegilops umbellulata chromosomes by hybridisation to restriction endonuclease digested DNA obtained from wheat aneuploid and wheat-alien addition lines. Structural genes were identified on homoeologous group 4 and 5 chromosomes, confirming the results of isozyme studies. In addition, a further set of structural genes was found on homoeologous group 2 chromosomes. It is proposed that there are two homoeoallelic series, β-Amy-1 on group 4 or 5 chromosomes, and β-Amy-2 on group 2 chromosomes. Evidence is presented that each locus contains one or two β-amylase structural genes, and it is suggested that the large number of isozymes seen upon IEF are due to post-translational modifications.

Communicated by R. Riley