Coral Reefs

, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 239-252

First online:

Biological destruction of coral reefs

A review
  • P. A. HutchingsAffiliated withThe Invertebrate Division, The Australian Museum

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The major agents of biological destruction of coral reefs can be divided into grazers, etchers and borers. Each of these groups is reviewed on a world wide basis, together with the mechanisms by which they destroy the coral substrate. Rates of bioerosion attributed to major agents of grazers, etchers and borers are given, together with limitations of some of the measurements. Recent work is highlighting the variability in rates of bioerosion both over time and space. Factors which may be responsible for this variability are discussed. Bioerosion is a major factor influencing reef morphology and the ways in which this is achieved is discussed in some detail. Although the review concentrates mainly on present day reefs, some attempt is made to consider the impact of bioerosion on older reefs.