Human Genetics

, Volume 72, Issue 3, pp 262–265

Assignment of the human homologue of Pim-1, a mouse gene implicated in leukemogenesis, to the pter-q12 region of chromosome 6


  • H. T. Cuypers
    • Department of BiochemistryUniversity of Nijmegen
  • G. Selten
    • Department of BiochemistryUniversity of Nijmegen
  • A. Berns
    • Department of BiochemistryUniversity of Nijmegen
  • A. H. M. Geurts van Kessel
    • Department of Cell Biology and GeneticsErasmus University
Original Investigations

DOI: 10.1007/BF00291892

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Cuypers, H.T., Selten, G., Berns, A. et al. Hum Genet (1986) 72: 262. doi:10.1007/BF00291892


Viral leukemogenesis in mice is frequently initiated by proviral activation of a highly conserved cellular gene called Pim-1. Here we report the chromosomal localization of the human homologue by Southern blot analyses of DNAs obtained from human-rodent somatic cell hybrids. The single copy human homologue was assigned to the 6pter-q12 segment.

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