, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp 104-108

Subregional physical mapping of an αB-crystallin sequence and of a new expressed sequence D11S877E to human 11q

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We report the regional assignment on Chromosome (Chr) 11q of two cDNA clones selected as sequences expressed in mature kidney and not expressed in Wilms' tumor. Clone T70 was identified as an αB-crystallin sequence (CRYA2). CRYA2 has previously been mapped to 11q22.3–23.1 by in situ hybridization. Clone 6.2 represents a new gene expressed in adult and fetal kidney, pancreas, and liver. In order to map sequences corresponding to clone 6.2 and to physically define the boundaries of the localization of CRYA2, we used somatic cell hybrids carrying either different human chromosomes or Chr 11 segments and a cell line established from a patient with an interstitial deletion of region 11q14.3–q22.1. We showed that CRYA2 lies proximal to the 11q23.2 breakpoint defined by the constitutional t(11;22) and distal to the 11q22.1 breakpoint (between D11S388 and D11S35) of a constitutional interstitial deletion. This is in agreement with previous data obtained by in situ hybridization and provides proximal and distal physical benchmarks for this localization. Clone 6.2-related sequence (D11S877E) was assigned to region 11q23.2–q24.2 defined by the breakpoints of the constitutional t(11;22) and of the Ewing's sarcoma neuroepithelioma t(11;22).