, Volume 246, Issue 1, pp 56-64

Heat shock protein HSP60 can alleviate the phenotype of mitochondrial RNA-deficient temperature-sensitive mna2 pet mutants

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mna2, which belongs to the class I temperature-sensitive pet mutants that lose mitochondrial (mt)RNA at restrictive temperature, was shown by complementation and sequence determination to correspond to the gene coding for HSP60. Both mna2-1 and mna2-2, the two available alleles of mna2, have conservative single amino acid substitutions in the HSP60 gene. Valine substitutes for an alanine (position 47) in mna2-1, and an isoleucine substitutes for a valine (position 77) in mna2-2. These substitutions result in defects in respiration and in steady-state mtRNA accumulation. Wild-type hsp60 alleviates the mtRNA phenotype completely, while partially relieving the respiratory deficiency.

Communicated by D. M. Lonsdale