, Volume 24, Issue 5-6, pp 365-373

Height differences of low and high job status, female and male corporate employees

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The heights of female and male corporate employees in management and nonmanagement positions were evaluated in two studies in order to determine if there were height differences between the two groups, and if there were any gender × job status (management or nonmanagement) interactions with respect to height. Two studies were conducted having 201 and 200 subjects respectively. Both studies used a two-factor (gender × job status) factorial design and both studies showed that managerial (high status) employees were significantly (p≤.006) taller than those occupying nonmanagement positions, regardless of gender. Possible reasons for the overall phenomenon of taller individuals occupying higher status positions are discussed.

The authors wish to thank Susan L. Bertone, Sharon McClelland, and Earl Munch for their assistance with this research project. Part of the information contained in this article was presented at the 1989 annual convention of the Eastern Communication Association in Ocean City, Maryland.