, Volume 63, Issue 1, pp 28-34

Chromosomal findings in 164 couples with repeated spontaneous abortions: with special consideration to prior reproductive history

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The cytogenetic evaluation of 164 couples who experienced repeated spontaneous abortions revealed 11 chromosomal abnormalities (10 translocations and 1 sex chromosome mosaic, 6.70%). An apparent positive relationship between the frequency of chromosome anomalies and the number of spontaneous abortions was observed. Couples with at least one normal liveborn child, in addition to the spontaneous abortions, had a significant increase in chromosomal abnormalities (17.85%) when compared with those with no liveborn offspring (4.41%) (P< 0.005). Similarly, couples whose fetal wastage consisted of only first trimester spontaneous abortions had a greater increase in the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities (8.03% vs 0.00%).