, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 223-242

Characterisation of the wheat genome by renaturation kinetics

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Reassociation kinetics of sheared hexaploid wheat DNA in 0.18 M Na+ at 60 °C show the presence of three major classes of nucleotide sequences; (1) a very rapidly reannealing fracton that comprises about 4 to 10% of the genome and reanneals virtually instantly. This fraction contains sequences which appear to be randomly distributed through at least 40% of the genome; they may be palindromic sequences; (2) a heterogeneous intermediate reannealing fraction comprising about 70–80% of the genome which consists of families with apparent repetition frequencies ranging from about 100–100000; and (3) a slow reannealing fraction. These fractions have been isolated and studied separately. Seventy percent of the slow reannealing fraction (12 to 20% of the genome) was found to contain sequences present in approximately six copies per hexaploid genome. The single copy sequences in the three constituent diploid genomes of hexaploid wheat appear to show near complete homology to one another.