, Volume 71, Issue 2, pp 163-166

Mapping of human thyroglobulin gene on the long arm of chromosome 8 by in situ hybridization

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We report the structural organization of a segment of the human thyroglobulin gene, located 70kb from the 3′ end of the gene, containing the exons 8 and 9 starting from the 3′ end. Selected probes from this region have been used for the chromosomal mapping of the thyroglobulin gene by in situ hybridization techniques. Only one site in the human haploid karyotype is labeled with the genomic DNA probes. Twenty percent of the grains are localized on the long arm of chromosome 8, mostly in the subregion q-2-23 q-2-24 of the long arm of chromosome 8. The localization of the autoradiographic grains suggests a subregional assignment of the human thyroglobulin gene locus to 8q 2–23 or 8q 2–24.