, Volume 237, Issue 1-2, pp 58-64

Molecular analysis of the Septoria nodorum β-tubulin gene and characterization of a benomyl-resistance mutation

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The complete nucleotide sequence of a benomyl-resistant allele of the Septoria nodorum β-tubulin gene (tubAR) has been determined including 745 and 1024 nucleotides 5′ and 3′ to the tubAR coding region, respectively. tubAR encodes a 447 amino acid polypeptide which shows a high degree of homology with other fungal β-tubulins. The gene contains three introns at codons 4, 12 and 53, uses 48 of the possible 61 sense codons and has a GC content of 59.1% in its coding region. S1 nuclease mapping has identified two transcriptional start sites 80 by and 83 by upstream of the translation start, and a transcriptional termination site 192 by downstream of the stop codon. The two transcriptional start sites lie just 8 by and 5 by downstream of a CT motif consisting of 18 pyrimidine nucleotides interrupted by a single adenine. The wild-type allele tubA+ has been cloned using the polymerase chain reaction and the mutation producing the benomyl-resistant phenotype of tubAR mapped to a C to T transition at the first position of codon 6, resulting in a histidine to tyrosine amino acid substitution.

Communicated by C.A.M.J.J. van den Hondel