, Volume 42, Issue 1-2, pp 183-201

Increasing contributions of nitrogen to the acidity of surface waters in Norway

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The acidification of lakes in southern Norway is largely due to sulfate. Recent data from regional surveys of lakes and from monitoring stations indicates that nitrate concentrations have increased in many lakes and rivers in southernmost Norway. The ratio of NO3 to NO3 + SO4 is still low for most areas, but is 0.54 on an equivalent basis in lakes and rivers in the area of high runoff in southwestern Norway. Here, concentrations of nitrate in the runoff are lower than for sites in Central Europe, but are higher than those in North America. The sites showing increases in NO3 also increased in Al. Further increases in nitrate as a mobile anion which may be due to decreased uptake in the watershed, will contribute to acidification in the same manner as sulfate.