, Volume 30, Issue 7, pp 464–467

Peripheral nerve concentrations of glucose, fructose, sorbitol and myoinositol in diabetic and non-diabetic patients


  • P. J. Hale
    • Diabetic ClinicGeneral Hospital
  • M. Nattrass
    • Diabetic ClinicGeneral Hospital
  • S. H. Silverman
    • Diabetic ClinicGeneral Hospital
  • C. Sennit
    • ICI Pharmaceuticals
  • C. M. Perkins
    • ICI Pharmaceuticals
  • A. Uden
    • Department of OrthopaedicsUniversity of Lund, Malmo General Hospital
  • G. Sundkvist
    • Department of MedicineUniversity of Lund, Malmo General Hospital

DOI: 10.1007/BF00279613

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Hale, P.J., Nattrass, M., Silverman, S.H. et al. Diabetologia (1987) 30: 464. doi:10.1007/BF00279613


Glucose, fructose, sorbitol and myoinositol concentrations were measured in biopsies of peripheral nerve obtained at above-knee or below-knee amputation. In diabetic patients nerve glucose (median [range]) (5.09 [1.62–12.82] vs 3.12 [1.81–4.01]) p<0.001, fructose (0.245 [0.060–1.280] vs 0.150 [0.053–0.385]) p<0.05, and sorbitol (0.028 [0.012–0.496] vs 0.016 [0.007–0.059] p<0.02, μmol/g wet weight) were significantly higher than in non-diabetic patients. No significant difference was found in myoinositol concentration (1.95 [1.00–3.55] vs 2.09 [1.27–5.40] μmol/g wet weight). Concentrations differed markedly from previously reported values in human nerve obtained at post-mortem.

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Nerve glucosefructosesorbitolmyoinositol

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