, Volume 110, Issue 1, pp 86-100

Breeding systems in fungi and their significance for genetic recombination

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Breeding systems control the bringing together of genetic material for karyogamy and meiosis as a prerequisite for recombination. Choosing the fungi as an example, the following breeding systems are described on the basis of their genetic determinants: monoecism, dioecism, homogenic incompatibility, and heterokaryosis. Heterogenic incompatibility is emphasized, since this system has been discovered quite recently. The action and interaction of these systems with respect to their control of recombination is discussed and brought into a general scheme (Fig. 7).

Expanded version of a lecture given on occasion of the 300's anniversary of the university of Innsbruck/Austria.
Meinem Lehrmeister Josef Straub zur Vollendung seines 60. Lebensjahres.
Communicated by F. Kaudewitz