, Volume 93, Issue 6, pp 655-660

Immunohistochemistry of endogenous l-DOPA in the rat posterior hypothalamus

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The aim of this work was to study l-DOPA-containing neuronal structures of the rat posterior and dorsal hypothalamus by means of immunohistochemistry using antiserum against glutaraldehyde conjugated l-DOPA. Aspects and distribution of l-DOPA immunoreaction among cells of the supramammillary nucleus and the A11, A13c and A13 cell groups are described and compared to dopamine immunoreactivity, mainly through a double colored labelling procedure employing a color modification of the DAB reaction by metallic ions. Differences between l-DOPA and dopamine stainings within cell groups as the presence of cells with predominant or exclusive l-DOPA coloration are tentatively explained under the light of previous findings using immunohistochemistry of catecholamines synthesizing enzymes and catecholamines histofluorescence.