, Volume 115, Issue 3, pp 208-215

Location on the chromosome of Salmonella typhinurium of genes governing pyrimidine metabolism

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The remaining unmapped genes encoding known functions of the pyrimidine salvage pathways have been located on the chromosome of Salmonella typhimurium. The gene, cod, encoding cytosine deaminase, udk, encoding uridine kinase and tdk, encoding thymidine kinase were located at 108, 69, and 53 min respectively. The following gene orders were established: serA-metC-argE-cod-strA; cdd-metG-udk-his; and pyrF-cysB-trp-tdk-his. The gene tdk lies in that region of the S. typhimurium chromosome which is inverted with respect to E. coli; its mapping further defines the limits of the inverted segment.

Paper No. 1 of this series: Beck, C. F. and J. L. Ingraham, Molec. Gen. Genetics 111, 303–316 (1971).
Communicated by W. Maas