, Volume 72, Issue 2, pp 170-177

The plastome of Citrus. Physical map, variation among Citrus cultivars and species and comparison with related genera

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A physical plastome map was constructed for Citrus aurantium, and the plastomes of species and cultivars of Citrus and of two Citrus relatives were analysed by Southern blot-hybridisation of labelled total tobacco cpDNA to digests of total Citrus DNA. A resemblance was found between the plastomes of cultivars of C. limon (lemon), C. sinensis (orange), C. aurantium (sour orange), C. paradisii (grapefruit) and C. grandis (pomello). The plastomes of other Citrus types such as mandarin (C. reticulata) and citron (C. medico) differed from each other as well as from the plastomes of the aforementioned group. The plastomes of Poncirus trifoliata and Microcitrus sp. are distinct from each other as well as from the Citrus types.

Communicated by R. Hagemann