, Volume 8, Issue 1, pp 339-359

Scorekeeping in a language game

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I am doubly grateful to Robert Stalnaker: first, for his treatment of presupposition, here summarized as Example 1, which I have taken as the prototype for parallel treatments of other topics; and second, for valuable comments on a previous version of this paper. I am also much indebted to Stephen Isard, who discusses many of the phenomena that I consider here in his ‘Changing the Context’ in Edward L. Keenan, ed., Formal Semantics of Natural Language (Cambridge University Press, 1974). Proposals along somewhat the same lines as mine are to be found in Thomas T. Ballmer, ‘Einführung und Kontrolle von Diskurswelten’, in Dieter Wunderlich, ed., Linguistische Pragmatik (Athenäum-Verlag, 1972), and Ballmer, Logical Grammar: with Special Consideration of Topics in Context Change (North-Holland, 1978).
An early version of this paper was presented to the Vacation School in Logic at Victoria University of Wellington in August 1976; I thank the New Zealand-United States Educational Foundation for research support on that occasion. The paper also was presented at a workshop on pragmatics and conditionals at the University of Western Ontario in May 1978, and at a colloquium on semantics at Konstanz University in September 1978.