, Volume 69, Issue 5-6, pp 535-541

Comparison of the mitochondrial genome of Nicotiana tabacum with its progenitor species

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Mitochondrial DNAs from Nicotiana tabacum, an amphiploid, and its putative progenitor species, N. sylvestris and N. tomentosiformis were compared in structure and organization. By using DNA transfer techniques and cloned fragments of known genes from maize and N. sylvestris as labeled probes, the positions of homologous sequences in restriction digests of the Nicotiana species were analyzed. Results indicate that the mitochondrial DNA of N. tabacum was inherited from N. sylvestris. Conservation in organization and sequence homology between mtDNAs of N. tabacum and the maternal progenitor, N. sylvestris, provide evidence that the mitochondrial genome in these species is evolutionarily stable. Approximately one-third of the probed restriction fragments of N. tomentosiformis mtDNA showed conservation of position with the other two species. Pattern variations indicate that extensive rearrangement of mtDNA has occurred in the evolution of these Nicotiana species.

Communicated by P. Maliga