, Volume 14, Issue 4, pp 261-268

A descriptive study of some Antarctic notaspidean opisthobranchs (Gastropoda), with description of a new genus and species

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During the expedition “ANTARTIDA 9101”, organized by the Spanish Oceanographic Institute to the South Orkney Islands, four specimens of notaspidean gastropods were collected. Three of them have been identified as Bathyberthella antarctica Willan and Bertsch, 1987. However, one specimen, although externally similar to B. antarctica, had an internal anatomy exhibiting features that have enabled us to consider it to be a new genus and species. This new taxon is characterized by the presence of jaws without mandibular elements, and a vaginal gland that partially surrounds the distal region of the vaginal duct. In this paper the new genus and species is described. Additional anatomical data of the specimens of B. antarctica collected during the expedition are also included.