, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 255-260

Feeding patterns of post-larval and juvenile notothenioids in the southern Weddell Sea (Antarctica)

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The food of 163 juvenile specimens of 13 species of notothenioid fishes collected in the southern Weddell Sea (Antarctica) was analyzed. Investigated fish size range was 3–13 cm SL. Principal food items were calanoid copepods Metridia gerlachei, Calanoides acutus, and Calanus propinquus; all developmental stages of Euphausia crystallorophias, and post-larval nototheniid fish Pleuragramma antarcticum. Diet of juvenile channichthyids is limited to few species of euphausiids and fish in the size > 10 mm, but does not include significant numbers of copepods. Pelagic stages of nototheniids feed on copepods and/or larval euphausiids smaller than 10 mm. At similar size, nototheniids and bathydraconids take smaller prey items than channichthyids.