Experimental Brain Research

, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp 191-215

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Somatotopical organization of the projection from the nucleus interpositus anterior of the cerebellum to the red nucleus. An experimental study in the cat with silver impregnation methods

  • Jacques CourvilleAffiliated withAnatomical Institute, University of Oslo

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Small lesions were done in various areas of the nucleus interpositus anterior (NIA) of the cerebellum, and the distribution of terminal degeneration was studied in the red nucleus with the methods of Nauta and Glees. The NIA projects to the contralateral red nucleus. Two principles of organization can be demonstrated in the projection: a caudorostral arrangement in the red nucleus corresponds to a mediolateral organization in the NIA and a mediolateral arrangement in the red nucleus corresponds to a caudorostral organization of the NIA. The latter distribution coincides with the somatotopical areas of the red nucleus defined by Pompeiano and Brodal (1957). Special attention has been paid to the questions of the subdivision of the cerebellar nuclei and of the course of the fibres issuing from the nuclei in the cerebellar hilus. The present findings on the projection of the NIA to the red nucleus have been correlated with recent anatomical and physiological data on the cerebellum and the red nucleus.

Key words

Cerebellum Nucleus interpositus anterior Red nucleus Somatotopy Degeneration study