, Volume 70, Issue 1, pp 21-29

Salivary peroxidases

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Peroxidases are known to be involved in the intracellular metabolism of H2O2 coupled with various physiological functions. Apart from the thyroid gland, the enzyme has been isolated from various extrathyroidal sources of which salivary gland is one of the richest sources of the enzyme. The enzyme from bovine and goat submaxillary gland has been extensively studied in terms of their molecular, spectral, kinetic, catalytic and immunological properties and compared with the lactoperoxidase which is similar to the salivary peroxidase. The modulation of the salivary peroxidase by various factors and the probable mechanism of the modulation has been described. The enzyme has also been compared with the thyroid peroxidase as regards their physicochemical properties as well as on the immunological and functional aspects. The similarities and dissimilarities have been incorporated. The possible function of the enzyme in iodine metabolism and in bactericidal action has been discussed.[/p]