Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

, Volume 91, Issue 1, pp 167–172

Fluorescence studies on erythrocyte membrane isolated fromPlasmodium berghei infected mice

  • Vishwanath Koppaka
  • Ravin Sharma
  • Anil K. Lala
Invited Paper

DOI: 10.1007/BF00228092

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Koppaka, V., Sharma, R. & Lala, A.K. Mol Cell Biochem (1989) 91: 167. doi:10.1007/BF00228092


The erythrocyte host cell plays a key role in the well defined developmental stages of the malarial parasite growth and propogation in the erythrocyte cycle of malaria. The host cell serves the parasites by supplying metabolites and removing the catabolites produced by the obligatory parasites. It has been observed that the plasma membrane of the infected cells show a substantially higher fluidity probably due to the depletion of cholesterol content from the host cell. The protein component of the membrane is also modulated due to the insertion of new polypeptides of the parasitic origin, which confers upon it new antigenic properties. We have studied the membrane fraction isolated from mice erythrocytes infected withPlasmodium berghei using fluorescent probes like DPH, ANS and series of fluorenyl fatty acids, which permit depth dependent analysis of membrane. We have observed that there is a marked difference in the fluorescence emission wavelength maximum, the dissociation constant Kd of ANS when bound to normal and infected erythrocytes, though relatively small differences are observed in the fluorescence polarisation values of the two cell types. The fluorenyl fatty acids also show the differences when bound to normal and infected erythrocytes, indicating that either they are in a different environment or they have differing binding properties to the two cell types.

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fluorescence erythrocyte membrane Plasmodium berghei 





8-Anilino-napthalene Sulfonic Acid


2-Fluorenyl-acetic Acid


2-Fluorenyl-butyric Acid


2-Fluorenyl-hexanoic Acid


2-Fluorenyl-octanoic Acid

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  • Ravin Sharma
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  • Anil K. Lala
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