, Volume 37, Issue 1-2, pp 41-53

Nitrate removal from ground water — use of a nitrate selective resin and a low concentrated regenerant

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A new, strong base, macro-porous anion exchange resin, Amberlite IRA 996, appeared to be more nitrate selective than sulfate selective in treating high nitrate concentrations (18 mg NO inf3 sup− -N L−1) in potable water. When regeneration is carried out in a closed circuit in which a biological denitrification reactor is incorporated to remove nitrate from the regenerant, regeneration salt requirement and brine production can be minimized. In this combination of ion exchange and biological denitrification, regeneration with 30 g NaHCO3 L−1) is possible in 6 hr at a flow rate of 11 BV hr−1. Accumulation of sulfate in the closed regeneration circuit does not affect the nitrate capacity of the resin.