Pharmacokinetics And Disposition

European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 317-323

First online:

Increase in magnesium plasma level after orally administered trimagnesium dicitrate

  • C. WilimzigAffiliated withDatapharm GmbH, Planegg
  • , R. LatzAffiliated withDatapharm GmbH, Planegg
  • , W. VierlingAffiliated withPharmacological Institute, Technical University of Munich
  • , E. MutschlerAffiliated withPharmacological Institute, University of Frankfurt, Biocenter Niederusel
  • , T. TrnovecAffiliated withInstitute for Preventive and Clinical Medicine, University of Bratislava
  • , S. NyulassyAffiliated withInstitute for Preventive and Clinical Medicine, University of Bratislava

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Magnesium plasma concentrations were measured in healthy probands before and after administration of trimagnesium dicitrate by the oral and intravenous routes. There was a notable circadian fluctuation of the plasma concentration with a peak in the evening hours. After oral administration of 12 and 24 mmol magnesium, a long-lasting, statistically significant increase in plasma magnesium concentration measured as the increase in area under the curve (AUC) between 0 and 12 h, of 3.1% and 4.6%, respectively, was found. After intravenous administration of 4 and 8 mmol magnesium, AUCs increased by 9.5% and 16.1%, respectively. The decline in the plasma magnesium concentration after i.v. administration was compatible with a three-compartment model with a terminal half-time of about 8 h. Although no absolute value of the oral bioavailability of trimagnesium dicitrate could be determined from the data, our results may be important in helping to elucidate the influence of magnesium preparations on the plasma magnesium concentration. By comparing the effects of different preparations, it should be possible to estimate the relative oral bioavailability and the bioequivalence of these preparations.

Key words

Magnesium Plasma level pharmacokinetics bioavailability circadian fluctuation