, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 187-193

A rapid and reliable procedure for extraction of cellular polyamines and inorganic ions from plant tissues

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A fast and reliable method for the extraction of cellular polyamines and major inorganic ions (Ca, Mg, Mn, K, and P) from several plant tissues is described. The method involves repeated freezing and thawing of samples instead of homogenization. The efficiency of extraction of both the polyamines and inorganic ions by these two methods was compared for 10 different tissues. In each case, the freeze-thaw procedure resulted in a precise and quantitatively equal, or greater, yield than homogenization. Freeze-thawing not only eliminates the need for various tissue homogenizers (such as polytrons, tissumizers, and mortars and pestles), but it is so simple that a large number of samples can be processed simultaneously. We routinely processed 50–80 samples for quantitation of polyamines and inorganic ions. Freeze-thawing was equally useful for the extraction of polyamines from liver, spleen, and kidney tissues of mice.

New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station, scientific contribution no. 1845.