, Volume 93, Issue 1-2, pp 117-122

Identification of a YAC clone carrying the Xa-1 allele, a bacterial blight resistance gene in rice

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Map-based cloning methods have been applied for isolation of Xa-1, one of the bacterial blight resistance genes in rice.Xa-1 was previously mapped on chromosome 4 using molecular markers. For positional cloning of Xa-1, a high-resolution genetic map was made for theXa-1 region using an F2 population of 402 plants and additional molecular markers. Three restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) markers, XNpb235, XNpb264 and C600 were found to be linked tightly to Xa-1, with no recombinants, and U08 750 was mapped 1.5 cM from Xa-1. The screening of a yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) library using theseXa-1-linked RFLP markers resulted in the identification of ten contiguous YAC clones. Among these, one YAC clone, designated Y5212, with an insert of 340 kb, hybridized with all three tightly linked markers. This YAC was confirmed to possess the Xa-1 allele by mapping the Xa-1 gene between both end clones of this YAC (Y5212R and Y5212L).

Communicated by J. W. Snape