, Volume 93, Issue 1-2, pp 57-64

A genetic map of melon (Cucumis melo L.) with RFLP, RAPD, isozyme, disease resistance and morphological markers

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One hundred and ten markers were analysed for linkage in 218 F2 plants derived from two divergent cultivars (‘Védrantais’ and ‘Songwhan Charmi’) of Cucumis melo (L.). Thirty-four RFLPs, 64 RAPDs, one isozyme, four disease resistance markers and one morphological marker were used to construct a genetic map spanning 14 linkage groups covering 1390 cM of the melon genome. RAPD and RFLP markers detected similar polymorphism levels. RFLPs were largely due to base substitutions rather than insertion/deletions. Twelve percent of markers showed distorted segregation. Phenotypic markers consisted of two resistance genes against Fusarium wilt (Fom-1 and Fom-2), one gene (nsv) controlling the resistance to melon necrotic spot virus, one gene (Vat) conferring resistance to Aphis gossypii, and a recessive gene for carpel numbers (3 vs 5 carpels: p).

Communicated by G. Hart