, Volume 92, Issue 8, pp 1031-1037

Molecular characterization of the fate of transgenes in transformed wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Molecular analysis of the transgenes bar and gus was carried out over successive generations in six independent transgenic lines of wheat, until the plants attained homozygosity. Data on expression and integration of the transgenes is presented. Five of the lines were found to be stably transformed, duly transferring the transgenes to the next generation. The copy number of the transgenes varied from one to five in the different lines. One line was unstable, first losing expression of and then eliminating both the transgenes in R3 plants. Although the gus gene was detected in all the lines, GUS expression had been lost in R2 plants of all but one line. Rearrangement of transgene sequences was observed, but it had no effect on gene expression. All the stable lines were found to segregate for transgene activity in a Mendelian fashion.

Communicated by G. Wenzel