, Volume 91, Issue 6-7, pp 836-840

Mapping of a chloroplast RFLP marker associated with the CMS cytoplasm of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris)

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The Owen cytoplasm of male-sterile sugar beet is associated with several alterations of mitochondrial DNA and one additional HindIII site of chloroplast DNA. The region of this HindIII site has been cloned and sequenced. The site maps in a small reading frame (orf32) close to the ycf7 (orf31) gene in the petG-psbE region of chloroplast DNA. Possible functional implications of the results are discussed. The chloroplast RFLP marker described could be useful for studies on chloroplast-mitochondrial interactions, CMS of sugar beet, and the origin of the Owen cytoplasm.

Communicated by G. Wenzel