, Volume 91, Issue 8, pp 1288-1292

The transfer of a powdery mildew resistance gene from Hordeum bulbosum L to barley (H. vulgare L.) chromosome 2 (2I)

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Hordeum bulbosum L. is a source of disease resistance genes that would be worthwhile transferring to barley (H. vulgare L.). To achieve this objective, selfed seed from a tetraploid H. vulgare x H. bulbosum hybrid was irradiated. Subsequently, a powdery mildew-resistant selection of barley phenotype (81882/83) was identified among field-grown progeny. Using molecular analyses, we have established that the H. bulbosum DNA containing the powdery mildew resistance gene had been introgressed into 81882/83 and is located on chromosome 2 (2I). Resistant plants have been backcrossed to barley to remove the adverse effects of a linked factor conditioning triploid seed formation, but there remains an association between powdery mildew resistance and non-pathogenic necrotic leaf blotching. The dominant resistance gene is allelic to a gene transferred from H. bulbosum by co-workers in Germany, but non-allelic to all other known powdery mildew resistance genes in barley. We propose Mlhb as a gene symbol for this resistance.
Communicated by J. W. Snape