Cell and Tissue Research

, Volume 237, Issue 2, pp 277–284

Ultrastructure and innervation of the swimbladder of Tetractenos glaber (Tetraodontidae)

  • Sarah L. Green

DOI: 10.1007/BF00217146

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Green, S.L. Cell Tissue Res. (1984) 237: 277. doi:10.1007/BF00217146


The general structure, ultrastructure and innervation of the swimbladder of the smooth toadfish, Tetractenos glaber, were examined with light-microscopic, fluorescence-histochemical, and transmission electron-microscopic techniques. The structure of the swimbladder is similar to that of other euphysoclists. Fluorescence histochemistry showed adrenergic fibres in both the secretory and resorptive areas of the swimbladder. Transmission electron microscopy revealed two morphologically distinct axon profiles type-I profiles containing many small, flattened vesicles; type-II profiles containing both large, granular vesicles and rounded, small clear vesicles in varying proportions.

The gas-gland cells and surrounding muscularis mucosae are innervated by both type-I and type-II fibres. Type-I fibres also innervate pre-rete arteries. The rete- and gas-gland capillaries do not appear to be innervated. Arteries running to the resorptive area are innervated by type-I fibres. Both type-I and type-II profiles make contact with the muscularis mucosae in the resorptive area. Only type-I fibres innervate the radial dilator muscle in the oval sphincter region, whereas only type II fibres innervate the circular muscle of the oval sphincter.

Type-I fibres took up α-methyl-noradrenaline, and could not be found after pre-treatment with 6-hydroxydopamine. They are, therefore, assumed to be adrenergic. Type-II fibres were tentatively identified, by exclusion, as cholinergic.

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SwimbladderTeleostCholinergic nervesAdrenergic nervesUltrastructure

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