, Volume 94, Issue 5, pp 527-529

Mammalian adenylyl cyclase family members are randomly located on different chromosomes

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Molecular cloning studies have elucidated the presence of multiple isoforms of mammalian adenylyl cyclase. So far, six different isoforms (I to VI) have been fully characterized. Comparison of their structural and biochemical characteristics suggests that the mammalian adenylyl cyclase family can be classified into four sub-families: type I, type III, type II/IV, and type V/VI. We have determined the chromosomal localization of these genes. Type I gene was assigned to chromosome 7, type III to chromosome 2, types II and IV to chromosomes 5 and 14, and types V and VI to chromosomes 3 and 12. Our results indicate that the different adenylyl cyclase isoforms, even within the same subfamily, are distributed randomly in the genome, in contrast to the chromosomal organization of other components within the same signaling pathway, such as catecholamine receptors and G proteins.