, Volume 16, Issue 8, pp 741-746

Dielectric constants of BeO, MgO, and CaO using the two-terminal method

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Using fused SiO2, CaF2, and SrF2 samples with accurately known dielectric constants, we have evaluated the accuracy and precision of two-terminal dielectric constant measurements on small single crystals using empirically determined edge corrections. Values of κ′ at 1 MHz of 3.836±0.05 for silica, 6.814±0.07 for CaF2 and 6.463±0.09 for SrF2 indicate an accuracy and precision of 1.0–1.5% for samples having areas of 0.05–1.0 cm2. Dielectric constants of BeO, MgO, and CaO measured by this technique are: BeO, κ′a=6.87 and κ′c=7.74; MgO, κ′= 9.90; and CaO, κ′=11.95 where κ′a and κ′c are the dielectric constants parallel to the a and c axes, respectively. Dielectric loss measurements on CaO in vacuum between 5–400 K at 10–105 Hz indicate significant dispersion at temperatures higher than 300 K, but the effect of the losses on the dielectric constant is less than 1% at 1 MHz and 300 K.