, Volume 94, Issue 3, pp 303-306

Chromosomal localization of the human histone H2A.X gene to 11q23.2-q23.3 by fluorescence in situ hybridization

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The human histone H2A.X gene is unusual in that its transcripts are alternatively processed to yield two species, one a 0.6-kb replication-linked histone mRNA and the other a 1.6-kb polyadenylated mRNA. The H2A.X gene has been localized by fluorescence in situ hybridization to chromosome 11q23.2-q23.3, away from the known clusters of human histone genes on chromosomes 1, 6, and 12. Assignment to chromosome 11 was substantiated by analysis of human-hamster somatic cell hybrid lines. As this work was being completed, an 89-bps sequence overlap was found between the downstream regions of the H2A.X gene and the recently sequenced hydroxymethylbilane (HMB)-synthase gene. The H2A.X and HMB-synthase genes have an unusual arrangement, being transcribed towards each other with their polyadenylation sites 330 bp apart. In addition the HMB-synthase gene contains constitutive and erythroid specific promoters. K562, an erythroid cell line, was found to contain a high concentration of the 1.6-kb polyadenylated H2A.X mRNA.