, Volume 88, Issue 1, pp 34-38

Genotypic analysis of families with lactate dehydrogenase A(M) deficiency by selective DNA amplification

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Genomic DNA prepared from LDH-A-deficient whole blood was amplified by the polymerase chain reaction technique using two primers specific for the active human LDH-A gene. The amplified fragment was examined by direct agarose gel electrophoresis, and a deletion of 20 base pairs (bp) in exon 6 of the LDH-A gene was found. The results permitted a clear distinction between the homozygous mutant, the heterozygous mutant, and wild-type genotypes. Moreover, HinfI digestion and direct sequencing of the amplified product confirmed the results from direct agarose gel electrophoresis. Four families, including 18 individuals, were shown to contain the same mutation, that is a 20-bp deletion in exon 6. All genotypes were consistent with their biochemical phenotypes as evaluated by the ratio of LDH-B to LDH-A subunits in erythrocytes. Thus, all four known affected families in Japan have been shown to carry the same mutant gene, which may have been derived from a single mutational event.