, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 249-257

Flow tagging velocimetry in incompressible flow using photo-activated nonintrusive tracking of molecular motion (PHANTOMM)

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We report the development of a new optical flow tagging velocimetry technique for hydrodynamic flows. The method utilizes highly water-soluble caged dye Photo-Activated Fluorophores (PAF's) which serve as fluorescent tracers, with essentially indefinite lifetime. Demonstration experiments are presented in a bench-top poiseulle flow and a 5,000 gallon water channel facility. Results of experiments designed to quantify critical optical characteristics of the caged dye PAF's are also presented, as is a comparison with other, similar, optical velocimetry approaches.

The authors wish to acknowledge R. B. Miles and D. Nosenchuck for several stimulating discussions, and T. Frobose and P. Howard for providing technical support. The work was sponsored by ARPA-G. Jones, Technical Monitor, and the National Science Foundation.