Deep-level photoluminescence studies of undoped and tin-doped (LEC) InP

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The effects of tin doping on the deep-level photoluminescence (PL) spectra of (LEC) InP were studied. Specifically, the effect of rapid thermal annealing (RTA) on the deep emission bands labelled as band A (1.13 eV), band B (1.06 eV), band C (1.20 eV) and band D (0.97 eV) were investigated. Band A appeared in both undoped and doped samples, but it disappeared after RTA for all the samples. It is suggested that band A is due to the formation of a complex involving VIn with residual impurities. The disappearance of band A after RTA is concomitant with the appearance of bands B, C and D. The existence of band B is attributed to the complex formation of VP with residual impurities. Band C was observed after the annealing process both in undoped and lightly-tin-doped samples and is believed to be due to the formation of VP single point defects. Band D was only observed in heavily doped samples and it is believed to be the effect of InP antisite defects.