, Volume 95, Issue 4, pp 512–515

Catalase activity measured in rats naive to ethanol correlates with later voluntary ethanol consumption: possible evidence for a biological marker system of ethanol intake

  • Z. Amit
  • C. M. G. Aragon
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DOI: 10.1007/BF00172965

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Amit, Z. & Aragon, C.M.G. Psychopharmacology (1988) 95: 512. doi:10.1007/BF00172965


Catalase activity in blood collected from young rats naive to ethanol (65 days) was significantly and positively correlated with later voluntary consumption of ethanol. Catalase activity levels were also correlated with catalase activity in brain and blood sampled after exposure to ethanol. The results obtained in the present study extend and confirm earlier findings (Aragon et al. 1985c) that brain catalase activity and voluntary ethanol intake are unidirectionally and causally related. The results also suggest that brain catalase activity may be part of an enzymatic system controlling the production and elimination of acetaldehyde in brain. This system may be a biological marker system mediating the affinity of organisms to ingest ethanol.

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EthanolCatalaseEthanol self-administrationAcetaldehyde

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  • Z. Amit
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  • C. M. G. Aragon
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  1. 1.Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology, Department of PsychologyConcordia UniversityMontrealCanada