, Volume 1, Issue 4, pp 347-356

Application of three-dimensional computer reconstruction from computerized tomography to intracranial tumors in children

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A three-dimensional surface reconstruction algorithm was devised from contour information based upon anatomic structures identified by computed tomographic (CT) scanning. The triangular ‘tiling’ method from which the algorithm was derived accurately reconstructs the surfaces between contours of both supra- and infra-tentorial anatomic sites. Volume and surface area of the lateral ventricles and tumor site were calculated from the surface reconstruction algorithm in four children with intracranial mass lesions. Reconstruction of three-dimensional surfaces from CT head scans could be utilized to plan the surgical approach to supratentorial and posterior fossa lesions. The incorporation of this technique may greatly assist neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists in planning multi-modality therapy and also for localization of small and relatively inaccessible lesions which may not be adequately assessed by conventional methods. Furthermore, the efficacy of radiation therapy and/ or chemotherapy in brain tumors can accurately be assessed.