, Volume 42, Issue 1, pp 22-29

Genetic variation of recent Alu insertions in human populations

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The Alu family of intersperesed repeats is comprised of ovr 500,000 members which may be divided into discrete subfamilies based upon mutations held in common between members. Distinct subfamilies of Alu sequences have amplified within the human genome in recent evolutionary history. Several individual Alu family members have amplified so recently in human evolution that they are variable as to presence and absence at specific loci within different human populations. Here, we report on the distribution of six polymorphic Alu insetions in a survey of 563 individuals from 14 human population groups across several continents. Our results indicate that these polymorphic Alu insertions probably have an African origin and that there is a much smaller amount of genetic variation between European populations than that found between other populations groups.

Present address: Department of Pathology, Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center, Louisiana State University Medical Center, 1901 Perdido St., New Orleans, LA 70112
Correspondence to: M.A. Batzer