, Volume 39, Issue 6, pp 655-660

Amino acid sequence of the Homo sapiens brain 21-23-kDa protein (Neuropolypeptide h3), comparison with its counterparts from Rattus norvegicus and Bos taurus species, and expression of its mRNA in different tissues

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The amino acid sequence of neuropolypeptide h3 from Homo sapiens brain has been determined. It revealed that h3 is the exact counterpart of the 21-kDa protein from Bos taurus brain and the 23-kDa protein from Rattus norvegicus brain: The three proteins belong to the same 21-23-kDa protein family. Multiple tissue Northern blots showed that the mRNA encoding the 21-23-kDa protein is expressed in different amounts according to tissues and species; it is particularly abundant in Rattus norvegicus testis.

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