, Volume 3, Issue 1-2, pp 153-169

Frontier production functions, technical efficiency and panel data: With application to paddy farmers in India

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Frontier production functions are important for the prediction of technical efficiencies of individual firms in an industry. A stochastic frontier production function model for panel data is presented, for which the firm effects are an exponential function of time. The best predictor for the technical efficiency of an individual firm at a particular time period is presented for this time-varying model. An empirical example is presented using agricultural data for paddy farmers in a village in India.

This article is a revision of the Invited Paper presented by the senior author in the “Productivity and Efficiency Analysis” sessions at the ORSA/TIMS 30th Joint National Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 29–31 October 1990. We have appreciated comments from Martin Beck, Phil Dawson, Knox Lovell and three anonymous referees. We gratefully acknowledge the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) for making available to us the data obtained from the Village Level Studies in India.