European Journal of Epidemiology

, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp 363-371

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Risk factors of female cancers in ragusa population (sicily) - I. Endometrium and cervix uteri cancers

  • R. CusimanoAffiliated withIstituto di Igiene dell'Università di Palermo
  • , G. DardanoniAffiliated withIstituto di Igiene dell'Università di Palermo
  • , L. DardanoniAffiliated withIstituto di Igiene dell'Università di Palermo
  • , M. La RosaAffiliated withRegistro Tumori di Ragusa
  • , G. PavoneAffiliated withRegistro Tumori di Ragusa
  • , R. TuminoAffiliated withRegistro Tumori di Ragusa
  • , L. GafàAffiliated withRegistro Tumori di Ragusa

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A case-control study on breast, cervix and endometrium cancer cases registered in Ragusa between January 1, 1983 and June 30, 1985 has been conducted. Information on risk factors has been obtained by means of a structured questionnaire.

Risk factors for endometrium cancer were: few children (1–2 vs > 4 OR 15.18, 95%CL 1.96–117.64), oestrogenic treatment (OR 2.20, 95%CL 1.05–4.90), obesity (Quetelet index >30 vs <22 OR 10.42, 95%CL 1.30–83.86), family history (OR 2.87, 95% CL 1.05–7.83).

Risk factors for cervix uteri cancer were: multiple abortions (>2 vs 0 OR 9.87, 95%CL 1.46–66.66), no contraception (OR 8.33, 95%CL 2.38–25.00), younger age of mother at birth (OR 6.89, 95%CL 1.71–27.70).

Age at menarche, age at menopause and years of fertile life were not found to be related to either endometrium or cervix uteri cancer.

The existence of influencing differences (ancestry, environment, lifestyle) has been postulated.

Key words

Female cancers Endometrium Cervix Risk factors