World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

, Volume 10, Issue 4, pp 414-416

First online:

Expression of the cloned xylanases from an alkalophilic, thermophilic Bacillus in Bacillus subtilis

  • A. Shendye
  • , R. Gaikaiwari
  • , M. Rao

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A recombinant plasmid construct, pLPX6.5, harbouring a 6.5 kb Hind III fragment of genomic DNA, from an alkalophilic, thermophilic Bacillus NCIM 59 and coding for xylanase activity, was electroporatically transformed into Bacillus subtilis MI 111. The expression of the recombinant xylanases was confirmed by cross-reactivity with antibodies raised against purified xylanase II (M r 15,800) from NCIM 59. However, as there were different xylan hydrolysis products from NCIM 59 and the host B. subtilis, the two xylanases appear to have different modes of action. Xylanase expression in the transformants was 6-fold higher than in the host. There was no significant enhancement in the expression of recombinant xylanases by adding xylan to the growth medium.

Key words

Alkalophilic thermophilic Bacillus homologous expression recombinant xylanases